Application Notes


Wave Shaper / Driver Module

(EMEM Driver Module)

Rise Time = 60.45ns

Voltage 2.45V - 90% 2.2V - 10% .245V

Fall Time = .71us

1000hz Tone

Step 1 First you will need to get a program to drive your sound card. Below are many choices, most are free or at a very low price. Please download my free beat frequency software to use with your wave shaper module   <--- This is the one you want

Step 2 Make cable to go from the computer sound card to the driver module. Optional if worried about RF going into computer wrap cable 6 to 8 times around a toroid.

Step 3 Test module by running frequency software on your computer. Adjust the volume and notice that the voltage will jump to about 2.5 volts +-.4 volts and level off. At this point you will want to go to the point where no more voltage will be at the test adaptor. Usually volume will be 3/4 or more does not hurt to be more. You will always want to use square wave modulation from the sound card. *Note this setting and always use this setting or higher.

Step 4 Disconnect battery and voltmeter and unplug computer cable. Cut off testing adaptor leaving 3" or 4" of wire for use again. This testing adaptor will be used for other modules as later ones will not come with it.


Step 5 Build your high voltage plasma device. Using a car coil, transistor and power supply (or 12 volt battery) construct your device using the guidline below.

Other Uses for Module


EMEM Machine Examples

NEVER buy a machine that you can't see the inside of!!!

Better yet ... build one yourslef